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Designing Staggering Conversational UI

Saurabh Dhariwal

Saurabh Dhariwal

Best Practices for Designing Staggering Conversational UI

To exchange information between a user and the computer user interfaces are employed. User interfaces are a way of communicating with the computer and getting the required result from it. Earlier UI's appertained to either of the types that are command line, menu-driven, and graphical UI's. But, as technology has advanced, we have other categories of UI that have evolved, which are Voice assistants and conversational UI's (ChatBots). With the advent of conversational UI's more and more companies are focusing on replacing their current menu-driven UI's with these.


Conversational UI makes it easier for human and computer interaction. CUI's let the user express them in the most natural way possible. The use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing in conversational UI increases its efficiency to interact with humans and provide the service for which they are designed. Mainly they are used in ChatBots to help users find something or answer their questions. In the era when the conversational UI's were not developed, user's questions were asked through queries, by identifying the keywords and mapping them on to the related queries.


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Trending Best Practices for Conversational UI's (CUI's)

The idea of designing CUI's is to make them flawless and easy to understand to collaborate. Users, ChatBots, and voice assistants should find it simple and easy to use the interface, so the command structure should not be complex in nature. It should give the user a smooth and distraction-free experience with its usage, flow, and the words that are used during the interaction. It should be lucid, empathetic, and corrective. Following the standard industry practices to design CUI's is always fruitful. The following are some of the guidelines defined for the creation of stunning interfaces:


  • Background must constitute of elegant and essential features only: Generally, it becomes difficult for the user to concentrate on the CUI's if the background is crowded within essential attributes. A cluttered environment distracts the user and keeps them from focusing on the foreground. Hence it should contain minimal features to help the user have a smooth experience. Typically, lighter colors (white) and blank (clean and clear) patterns are preferred, so as to draw less attention to the background and focus more on the foreground.


  • CUI's should be precise: Use more straightforward messages and break the long paragraphs into multiple smaller messages so that the user can have a better understanding while the conversation is taking place between the Chabot and the user. Try to make your ChatBots sound more like a human. Please don't make use of complex terminologies for the interaction; it will only make the user uncomfortable while interacting.


  • Lucid phrases should be used: Remember, simplicity is the goal to design a good CUI. Hence include consistent phrases for the commands for the user to use. Don't use multiple phrases (synonyms) to represent a single command. If this happens, then it confuses the user and makes it hard for the user to remember the commands. Clarity is essential while choosing the phrases for commands.


  • Eliminate false options to avoid dead ends: Avoid hitting a dead end during the conversation. The ChatBots should respond adequately. Test the bot from presenting options that don't fetch any user interaction and instead make the interaction hit a roadblock. This discourages the user from using the ChatBots service provided by you. So see to it that you run some tests and see for the results and identify the special cases where the bot's responses can lead to a dead-end in the interaction. Try to revive the interaction, code proper solutions for use at such times.


  • Prefer a voice that represents the brands' psyche: The Chabot should resemble the style of the brand for which it is designed. Its persona should reflect the brand's image and value. See to it that when the users are interacting with the bot should feel good and not be offended by its response. The bot should respond politely and not sarcastically. It should express empathy.


  • Resolve the conflicts arising due to the misunderstanding of the commands: If a command is misspelled, then make sure that the bot uses some strategy that either corrects the wrong spelling or replaces it with a nearly correct spelling without altering the meaning of the statement. This will help the user and the interaction from reaching a dead end. Your bot should solve the problems encountered with patience.


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Trending Best Practices for Conversational UI's

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