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What Makes it a Turning Point for Remote Work Culture

Ashish Jain

Ashish Jain

SaaS Application Development

COVID-19 pandemic has jolted our lives. It will have a huge impact on us as individuals, as a citizen, and as a workforce. Although it is not at all practical to think about when things will get normal, businesses across the globe are struggling to sustain in the market while managing the workforce.


Today, most businesses operate remotely to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. However, such transformation has posed a big question to the organizations: “How to manage the IT infrastructure while ensuring everyone works remotely?”


And the answer is Software as a Service (SaaS). It has been one of the well-known applications in the world of cloud computing. By empowering organizations to host and license their software application from the cloud server, SaaS application development has become a go-to solution these days. SaaS web apps or customized solutions have been extensively employed by organizations to boost their remote working culture.


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So, WHY SaaS app development has seen a great demand in recent times?

  • Working Remotely – the rise of “New Normal”

Hardly 7% of the employees, in the U.S., were working remotely before the coronavirus outbreak. Today, the numbers have reached 60% and it is still increasing day-by-day. The organizations across the world are getting ready for the new normal – working remotely. Adopting SaaS app development could help organizations with smooth business operations without hampering their workforce.


  • The need for cloud for IT innovation

Manual installation or deployment of the IT applications and gigantic licensing costs – these are the two primary challenges organizations are facing today. It is must for the enterprise or businesses to opt for a centralized application or tool, such as cloud, that can help them mitigate their IT infrastructure challenges while reducing the cost of set up and maintenance. SaaS development companies can help organizations integrate with other tools or applications to mitigate their communication challenges.


  • The need for more effective collaborative tools

Collaboration and communication applications like Zoom, Slack, or Teams are becoming extensively popular for organizations having globally distributed teams. It has become imperative for the enterprise or businesses to enable seamless communication between remote employees and improve collaboration. There is a number of SaaS web apps available that have helped organizations to enable a sense of collaboration.

How SaaS application development can benefit the business?

  • SaaS brings SCALABILITY

Today, cloud setup brings enormous capabilities for the organizations, such as security, flexibility, and scalability. And scalability plays a vital role when it comes to strategic planning and gaining an edge over the competitors. Since all the SaaS applications are delivered over the cloud interfaces, it is easy for the businesses to leverage from the out-of-the-box scalability. Moreover, the SaaS web app makes it possible for businesses to grow and shrink as and when required with the help of a wide range of packages available for different companies.


  • SaaS SAVE time

While conventional applications require manual and on-premise installation, a SaaS development company helps you with pre-installed and pre-configured applications. This means you can provision the server in the cloud without investing much time. It greatly reduces the amount of time and effort spent setting up any software application.


  • SaaS REDUCE cost

With the help of its multitenant nature, SaaS app development greatly reduces the cost of software licensing or hardware procurement. Since you are paying the minimal cost of using the application, it is beneficial for the small enterprises willing to save their cost while making the application available for a large set of users. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance and upgrade, since it is being taken care of by the SaaS development company.


  • SaaS makes integration EASY

Apart from the scalability, integration is yet another USP of SaaS application development. It is very easy for the SaaS developer to integrate it with any other solutions. It is not at all required to purchase any additional software and get it installed on your server. All you have to do is to integrate the applications with the help of a SaaS developer with your existing cloud solution and you are good to go!


  • SaaS ENABLE continuous upgrade

When it comes to upgrades, SaaS eases the upgrade for the enterprises. Usually, upgrading the SaaS application or solution is the responsibility of the SaaS development company. Moreover, the efforts and costs linked with the upgrade are negligible for the business. This is far better than conventional on-premise models where businesses are required to pay a hefty amount of buying the upgrade services from the vendors.


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In this strange and uncontrolled situation, we often find ourselves stuck to overcome the challenges posed. While we are preparing ourselves to adopt the NEW NORMAL, as a business owner, it is a must to arm your business with the right technology and solutions to achieve greater productivity, collaboration, and success even in this pandemic situation. Since more and more businesses are adopting remote work culture, SaaS application development will be pivotal to ensure business continuity and success. What’s your take on this? Want to know how SaaS application development can bring your business a necessary boost to sustain in this volatile market? Get in touch with our experts now!