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Managing Your Cloud Infrastructure Efficiently

AddWeb Solution is one of the best cloud architecture and management service provider based in India with strong experience in AWS Cloud consulting and architecture management. We enable companies to implementing the right set services required for their business workflows and ensure perfect health as well as performance of the cloud infrastructure. We have expertise over AWS public cloud infrastructure and private cloud platforms. Our team of cloud experts can assist you in end-to-end cloud infrastructure from designing to testing and deployment to management.


  • Cloud Setup: Setting up cloud infrastructure over AWS, installation of required software and custom DevOps as business needs.
  • Desired Configuration: Our team of cloud experts will setup the required and hardware and software configuration as per the business requirements. 
  • Continuous Monitoring: Our team will ensure continuous monitoring of your cloud infrastructure and inform alerts over email or mobile immediately.
  • Cost and Performance Optimization: By continuous monitoring and maintenance, we ensure that your monthly cloud services cost and performance is optimized effectively.
  • Regular Maintenance: Our team of cloud experts monitor your traffic or data workflow, and accordingly manage the resources, servers, instances, storage, etc. to ensure that the cloud environment is loaded with required services.
  • Security Support: All data of the clients over cloud, regardless of how sensitive it is, our team manages stringently with advance security layers. 

Cloud Infrastructure Management Services

Our range of cloud management services includes the following:


Cloud Platform Assessment

Our team of cloud experts can assist you in running deep analysis of your cloud infrastructure and identify the areas of improvements or suggest the best practices by which you can optimize the performance.


Cost Optimization

Our team of cloud professionals ensure that along with performance, the cost of your cloud infrastructure is optimized. In majority of cases we have ensured that 30% of the cost is reduced.


Data/Website Migration

If you are still using the traditional on-premise hosting platform then it is time to evolve. Our team of cloud migration experts will assist in complete designing, storage, migration, cost-effective AWS services, etc. services.


Cloud DevOps & Implementation Strategy

Just like custom software offers a personalized experience to your business infrastructure, custom developed cloud resources also enable developers to seamlessly make changes to the platform as per the business requirements.


Custom Application Development

By choosing our AWS DevOps professionals, you have the flexibility to create your own application over cloud and implement for your business. Apart from the personalized experience, you can also integrate on-premise systems to create an intelligent hybrid platform.


Infrastructure Monitoring and Recovery Management

Our team of cloud experts ensure complete monitoring and maintenance of your cloud platform. By using IAM, system alerts, backup storage, log files with CloudWatch, CPU metrics, etc. services our team offers infrastructure monitoring and recovery management services.


Infrastructure Designing

Majority of companies want to adopt cloud platform but due to lack of skillset they are unaware of where to start from. Our team will assist clients from scratch of designing to deployment and management. Right from small application development to making containerised.

Our Cloud Architecture Project Stats

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Why AddWeb Solution is Trusted Cloud Service Provider?

AddWeb Solution enables companies to leverage the powerful platform of cloud and enjoy the freedom of same flexibility and dynamism of on-premise solutions. In fact, by choosing cloud platform, businesses can reduce maintenance cost and resource, enable accessibility of data across the globe and optimize the performance with much lesser resources using shared public cloud infrastructure at least cost consumption model. 


Our team of engineers are highly experienced and certified engineers to offer you up-to-date and the latest cloud services based on your business model. AddWeb Solution is known for innovative custom solutions which further allows us to offer you continuous DevOps based cloud solution or application that is personalized as per your business. Apart from the cloud expertise, choose us to avail the below benefits:

Advance Technology Platforms That Evolve Your Business Performance

Choosing the right technology and team leads to the desired system performance and results

Our Cloud Services Work

We serve all our clients even-handedly, irrespective of the size of their business, project or industry type. No wonder our portfolio today is wealthy enough to be boasted!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be managing the project development process?

As per the standard process of our company, we allocate a project manager for all the development or cloud services projects. Regardless of what and when you need, the project manager will be authorized to discuss the information from the internal teams and provide you the information. Similarly, if you want to provide any information to specific team, the project manager will be of assistance to you. So, instead of dealing with multiple hierarchy of teams, you can speak to SPOC of the project.

Can I get additional support after the cloud platform is launched?

Absolutely Yes! We support all our clients after the cloud platform is launched and your team has complete orientation of the process. If you do not have an internal cloud team to manage the platform, then you can always hire our maintenance and support cloud professionals to assist you with the same.

Can I choose a Cloud Expert instead of the entire team to assist me with the support?

Yes. As a business we also understand that not all processes require the efforts of an entire team. So, you can choose the best of our resources to manage your cloud platform.

Are there any hidden cost that I should be aware of?

AddWeb Business believes in complete transparency in all its business transactions. We may compromise in cost for an instance but never in quality. So first we provide the quotation of the overall cost that may incur based on your requirements with detailed explanation of each service. Based on the satisfaction of the client and approval, we proceed further.