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Ionic Development: Beyond the limitation of platforms

We create unique mobile applications under our exclusive offerings of Ionic app development services. Here, we are completely modernizing your mobile apps development with hybrid app development with a single codebase. Going beyond the conventional native OS and web applications, we provide Ionic app development services to create high quality and performance-oriented cross-platform apps. 

In the fast-paced technology world, customers want a seamless, limitless, and personalized experience in any product or service they use. This makes the enterprise to design and develop their mobile applications in a way that goes across different platforms. Our Ionic App Development Services are designed to give your app fine-tuned for unpredictable futuristic changes. 


MVP Development

MVP or Minimum Viable Product development services are easiest and economic offering to launch an app with minimum features and functionality. This works for clients who seek an app with a limited budget or the one with less time to develop an app.


Ionic App Migration

Under the Ionic app migration services, your app will migrate from one native platform to another platform for better reach. We take care of the technical complexity and migration process.


Ionic App Customization

Giving a unique look, feel, and functionality of an app for a particular client is our promising offering. Ionic app customization can be done on an existing app or by creating a new app too.


Ionic UI Development

UI or User Interface decides the success and popularity of an app. We provide Ionic UI development to give an appealing look and ease-of-use to an app for enhanced functionality.


Ionic App QA

Our QA or Quality Assurance team provides Ionic App testing services to analyze the functionality and compatibility of an app on different devices and the environment in real-time. This helps to release the flawless end-solution to our clients.

Our Ionic App Development Stats

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Why Ionic App Development is a preferable choice?

Cross-platform mobile applications are the next-gen application development in the native apps, let’s see what makes Ionic app development a developers’ choice.

  • Next-gen technology with advanced features
  • Saves cost and efficient business model
  • Saves time and effort for development
  • Result-oriented expert support
  • Great in performance and secure

Advantages of using Ionic App development

Ionic app development offers a unique codebase to develop an app for cross-platforms. It is an open-source framework and primarily used for developing mobile applications. Let’s see the benefits of using Ionic App development services.

  • High-quality user interface

The app builds with Ionic leverage extreme customization for menus, buttons, color, and more such features. It makes a high-quality UI for end-user with vibrant colors, depth, and motion of material design and multiple language support to make it a more personalized experience.

  • Quick and rich development

Ionic makes the development process faster and the reason is its compatibility with Angular JS, a framework that is known for the speedy and robust development process. It also has features of HTML, CSS and JS CSS components for developers to make it a rich application.

  • Budget, under your limits

App developed using Ionic development makes a cost-effective deal. It saves the cost of developing an application on different platforms. A single codebase can be deployed on iOS, Android, and Windows OS. And, the cross-platform functionality makes it easier to get perfect sync of your app on multiple platforms with a unique identity.

  • One Codebase for Multiple OS

Ionic comes with single-time code-writing efforts for developers and can be used on different platforms. This makes it more beneficial for clients by giving it a native feel and look with multiple device operations.

Our Ionic App Development Work

We serve all our clients even-handedly, irrespective of the size of their business, project or industry type. No wonder our portfolio today is wealthy enough to be boasted!


Yes, it was a tightly deadlined project, however, team AddWeb was so much co-operative and they always focused on finding solutions. We worked as a team together for the Self Coaching Scholars App, to launch the app in Ionic and AngularJS. Would love to be associated and collaborate for more projects together soon.

Brooke Castillo

Founder and CEO

The Life Coach School

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ionic provide cross-platform compatibility?

Yes, Ionic comes with cross-platform compatibility so a single codebase will work for multiple platforms.

What are the technologies used for Ionic app development?

Ionic uses technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 for app development.

When to pick the Ionic framework for your app development needs?

Ionic app development is meant for cross-platform so it saves your development expenses of various mobile OS. When a project needs to deliver in less time and budget then you should prefer Ionic. 

When should you pick native over Ionic?

Picking Native over Ionic app development is required where your app needs to be extreme graphics, high-quality animation, high-performance, gaming functionality, and multiple scrolling capable.

Is the Ionic framework open-source?

Yes, Ionic is an open-source framework.