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About Project

With the idea of having 1% of Drupal community contributing to the core, Drupal is here with an engaging platform named ‘Drupalladder’. The platform basically works with the motto of “By the community, For the community, & To the community.” i.e. a platform which works as a hinge for learnings and materials to help people learn about & contribute to Drupal.


A mentor-mentee relationship:-
We created a backend with Drupal 8 which helps any user to get him/her registered & helps them to create ladders which means creating steps having any of the three (Content text, Code, or a Video) for an explanation of any related topics.


The Creation:-
Once a ladder is created, the admin can review it, make all the reliable tests possible & then can get it published. Only after it’s published, the users of the portal can review them on the basis of their requirements.


The Learnings:-
The users will be able to review & mark them as completed (once they are done with it). Marking the ladders as completed means the users have completely understood the topic depicted.


Post-learning Procedures:-
Right after the initial learnings, the users then directly get redirected to the pending step-page from the ladder on logging it again. Any user can edit the ladder and can add more information about the topic but only after owner’s approval & will be seen by everyone on the platform. This in particular can be called a ‘version control’ feature.


Other Miscellaneous:-
With React.js in front end, we are still up with the planning-process of building-up two modes which are Basic and Premium(paid) modes for different requirements. With which we have covered several features for proper & precise CMS. we also have built follow & unfollow concepts for the same.

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Words from Our Happy Clients

Maxime Favier

Maxime Favier

Co-Owner The Photo Academy
Addweb Solutions successfully delivered a functional Wordpress website and received positive feedback. The team displayed superior technical skills, a commitment to honouring deadlines, and clear and efficient communication practices through GitHub and Skype.
Edmund Hutchings

Edmund Hutchings

Founder Lingora
The client stated that AddWeb's platform had attracted 200 users within 6 months. AddWeb was good at suggesting useful features and provided strategic direction as well. Overall, the client highly recommends AddWeb Solution to others.
Raphael Jutras

Raphael Jutras

Owner Comworker
Although incomplete, AddWeb Solution had established an effective, seamless workflow. Fostering a positive working relationship, the team communicated well and offered additional programming resources for specific platform issue resolution.
Gregory Janecka

Gregory Janecka

Founding President MortgageSpeak
The finished website met all requirements, thanks to AddWeb Solution’s adherence to scheduling and budgetary constraints. The team’s consistent availability, regular updates, and affordable price point contributed to an advantageous partnership.
Alick Mighall

Alick Mighall

CEO Web Dev Agency
Their resources provided good services, meeting the requirements and expectations of the client while always communicating with them professionally. AddWeb Solution took on feedback well and demonstrated their understanding of development processes.
Rogier Koning

Rogier Koning

Founder Nobism
The platform launched and worked as intended for its target audience, pleasing all stakeholders. Without a clear deadline, AddWeb Solution took its time to deliver a top-notch solution while remaining prompt. Constant communication and problem-solving made for a smooth workflow.
Jerome Abayasinghe

Jerome Abayasinghe

Creative Director ClockworkMouse
AddWeb Solution delivered products that are interactive, relevant, and dynamic. Leveraging an agile approach, the team met the needs of each project. Their diligence and flexibility made them an advantageous partner.
Tim Castillo

Tim Castillo

Chief Operating Officer Energy Efficiency Experts, LLC
The results have met expectations. The AddWeb Solution's team is communicative and open to feedback, facilitating a collaborative relationship. They possess the expertise and knowledge to produce quality results.