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ZOHO Customization to streamline the business operations

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Sune Vestergaard

SOS International

About Project

GR International is a business networking connection all over the world that helps customers in their growth and new opportunities. We created forms for entering the data using Core PHP that can be shown on the UI with the help of HTML5. Our team added all the required functionality to help them track and manage the business processes. AddWeb Solution helped them transform and create the workflows as per the requirements.




Networking site

Problem Statement

GR International faced a difficulty of optimization and were looking for an easy workflow with custom CRM development. This hindered their growth and so, they wanted to restructure their processes with CRM. We understood their requirements and suggested Zoho Creator streamline their system.

Ease of use

As the client had been facing challenges with their existing system, it was hampering the productivity of the team. We helped them get an easy to use system with Zoho Creator to improve their efficiency and boost productivity. With real-time access to the information, the teams could work easily.

ZOHO creator integration

We used ZOHO Creator to make it easier for the team members to provide a centralized system for storing all the information. The admin users can add multiple fields such as countries, regions, sub-regions, districts, and others easily.

Member login and bilingual

We have built the system in two different languages: English and French. Different login options are provided for the website based on the roles of the users.

A Few Stats about project



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Technology Stack

AddWeb Solution makes use of the latest tools and technologies to deliver future-ready solutions to the clients.


With Zoho Creator, it was easier for the client to customize the flow and simplify the data entry for various fields. At AddWeb Solution, we understand the importance of user experience in a CRM. Zoho Creator helped them get the best customized user experience. We will be rolling out more versions of the project in the coming few weeks.
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