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One-stop-shop for safety supplies and workwear

Fantastic work! I am just impressed by their service quality and working strategy. I hired them for the Woocommerce development and maintenance work of my online store and they have satisfied me to the full by delivering the exceptional solution. They have great expertise, are dedicated, attentive, talented, and care much about the client's needs. Highly recommended.

James Romero


About Project

PPE Supplies Direct delivering top quality personal protective equipment.

PPE Supplies Direct is a world-class business that provides high-quality products at competitive prices. It is a Wordpress based website launched as a small business in Kent, UK, focuses on delivering top quality personal protective equipment. AddWeb contributed towards enhancing the speed, zoom in and other product-related customizations that were also done from our end. Better payment gateways were provided and further to enhance the user experience ‘Quick View Option’ was provided by our tech-gurus. 


Along with some above-stated criteria, many others were created with the help of our tech-pundits and due to the indulgence of which, the client was absolutely overwhelmed and was immensely satisfied. And we definitely are looking forward to growing our list of happy-clientele…


United Kingdom



Problem Statement

Our client of PPE Supplies Direct was facing issues regarding the slow website. They wanted us to install a powerful server Kinsta for their website. They also wanted Elastic search implementations and responsive fixes from our end.

Landing Page

PPE Supplies Direct is a shopping website delivering top quality products. We helped them by improvising their product view as customers will only trust your product if all the specifications are adequately mentioned, and your product is showcased in the best possible manner. We added animations to the site and product page to make the products tempting for customers to buy. We served them by providing them with payment gateway options as customers should pay with whatever best suits them.

Shop by Brands

For a shopping website, it is imperative to display all the brands they provide so that it becomes easy for customers to search for the brand they need. We understand this problem hence updated the website with a section that specifies all the brands and takes the customer to the brand they desire on a click. We also made exploring comfortable and attractive, with our customizations.

Offer Store

Displaying the offers on the single page make it easy for customers to search what will benefit them and also helps the brand to publish what are the offers they are providing. We created a whole new page for the website, as “offers” where all the offers are being mentioned and can make customers easily reach, and tempts the customer to buy the product. The main concern of our client was to increase the speed, and we always aim at satisfying our client to the fullest hence we optimized the speed for them, which made the website work faster.

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Technology Stack

Addweb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to develop PPE Supplies website.

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Color Palette

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UI Elements



Taking an e-commerce website to a new level was a fantastic experience for AddWeb. We aim to present our clients in the best manner. Hence we make it a point to renovate the website with a theme, animations, and colour. It brings a new look for the website and makes the site more tempting than before. We also innovated the product display so now the customers can see and know the product in a much better way. It builds customer’s trust for the website.

The main concern of our client was that they were suffering from speed related issues and wanted the powerful server of Kinsta installed for their website. We surely optimized the speed for them and also established the powerful server of Kinsta. Now they get served with blazing-fast performance, excellent technical support, and simple setup and migration. We also provided the website with payment gateway options as customers can now pay in the best suited and trusted payment option for them.

The attractive images, animations, increased speed, and full specifications, increase user engagement and helps to build the trust of customers. With improvised user engagement and increased sales brand is going to benefit definitely. We are happy to know that our clients were satisfied with our services, and we helped their shopping and fashion industry to go.

You also want to increase the speed of your website or create an e-commerce platform like our client. Schedule a meeting and know about our services.
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