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Secure holiday assists you in taking care of those you travel with

AddWeb did a great job of helping build out the project, by reviewing our layout, designs, and content architecture- they were able to put together a comprehensive project plan, identify milestones and timelines in a useful way for us and our client.

Nathan St.Clair

Managing Partner, Datafire Group

About Project

Secure Holiday App help keeping you and your family safe

The Safe holiday is an app ensuring the safety of you as well as your family and updated when traveling abroad. We helped them by handling almost the entire project and tried to get all finished on calls. We crafted a platform from almost nothing to something by serving them by having mockups, designs, wireframes, etc. We helped them by forming a single user journey management, also added crucial notification creations for them. 

Our role was to serve a platform that easily covers and manages all, different and crucial aspects of a journey of traveler. And we gave creation to exactly what was needed and it was only possible with the help of our tech-pundits.  


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Problem statement

Safe holiday came up with a requirement to make a platform for holiday and vacation plans providing ease to Journey, Accommodation, Travelling, Alerts, PWA and User Services, etc. We helped them to develop a website from scratch.

Growing business success

They had a unique impressive idea but were lacking experienced developers. Our expert developers helped them to execute their unique idea with our tailor-made solutions. We helped them to convert basic login user names to single user journey management. Conversion of this was their main concern. As with our addition to this, it helped them to bridge the gap within sales, marketing, and operations, it also helped them to build a connection with their customers and understand them in a better way.

Mobile E-mail/Push Notifications

Inclusion of crucial notification like E-mail and push notifications was an important addition from our end to them. By the addition of this feature increased their user engagement, also helps them to retain users. We added notification of local incidents which helped them to target the right users and helped them to increase their conversion rates. We also helped them to improve customer care strategy which makes theirs build trust upon them.

The aspect of medical assistance with insurance providers was added

We served them by adding medical assistance, as it helps to build users’ trust on them. As with this customers will now trust them more with their travels and tours. The users who are planning to experience this first time in their life may have a lot of queries going on related to trust issues, for them, we served by providing a connection with the insurance providers as with this now their travels would be secured.

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Technology Stack

Addweb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to develop Safe Holiday website and app.

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As it is said better an oops than an if, we tried to react with ‘if’ and make the impossible be possible. We are contented to help travel brand go digital. We also believe that traveling is not rewarded for working, its education for living, so we helped them develop it from scratch. We also updated the older user login to single user journey management. The crucial push/ E-mail notification for local incidents was also induced by us.

Load balancing was done with Route53 domains and AWS certificate maanger(SSL). We also made it possible that now users can easily monitor the travel route. To provide more security from the user’s end we added medical assistance and also connected the insurance providers so that now users can secure their journey. So now the adventure begins.
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