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Building Cutting-Edge Website That Takes Sortly To New Heights

Their resources provided good services, meeting the requirements and expectations of the client while always communicating with them professionally. AddWeb Solution took on feedback well and demonstrated their understanding of development processes.



About Project

A one stop solution for inventory management

Sortly is a one-stop solution for inventory management founded in the year 2002, build up with a motive to empower people to live an organized lifestyle. It is built in Wordpress. AddWeb has integrated batch of futuristic features for them like plan selection, online chat, expiry date and values, track warranty, barcode scanner, Mailchimp. Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, MySQL, JQuery, et al.


United States


Inventory Platform

Problem statement

Dhanush and Shaz came up with a problem with Wordpress update and wanted to have some changes major/minor changes for their website, and we promised to help them with the same.

Home page

AddWeb Developer and the team modified the home page and added custom templates with visionary themes and animations which could provide the soul to the site. We modified the whole theme by changing the pattern of all pages which could make end-user stay on the site for a longer duration.

Cookie implementation & CTA buttons

Dhanush and Shaz wanted GDPR Cookie implementation in their site. We implemented the GDPR cookie for them. Once with the installation of Cookie. To make the conversation smooth and effective we provided them with the CTA buttons and links. This increased their interactions with end-users.

Different Monthly & Yearly plans

Previously Sortly had an option for the yearly plans but they were losing the customers who wanted to invest in the monthly plans. Understanding from both the company’s and customer’s views we provided them with the monthly and yearly plans which made it easy for the customers and now the company can capture a larger share. Now customers can easily compare the yearly and monthly plans and invest in plans best suited for them.

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Technology Stack

Addweb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to develop Sortly website

Style Guide


Color Palette

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UI Elements

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It is always a bliss to work with great websites and help them with our innovative services. AddWeb was contended to work with such a good website and help them to reach new heights with our augmentation. We improved the home page and it provided heart to the site, this new innovation helped them to attract more customers and our descriptive writings made it easy for them to make their end-users know more about them and convince them to invest.

We also provided input of CTA buttons and links which improvised their communication with their end-users. The addition of monthly and yearly plans which we did for them helped them to capture a larger share of the market than before, as now the end-users were able to compare and invest in the best option suited for them.

To provide Dhanush and Shaz with a better conversational experience we added the online chat option, to build Sortly’s confidence in the mind of their customers we provided them with track warranty, barcode scanner, expiry date, and values options. Some other additions which also helped them for their growth are Mailchimp, Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, MySQL, JQuery. It was an elation to work with Sortly and add up more to their previous value.
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